Dear Colleagues,

after several discussion within the organising team of the SOAP-Meeting, and various colleagues from the faculty over the past month in order to decide how to deal with the current pandemic situation.


  • Being now one of the Top international live-surgery congresses in Europe and worldwide,
  • Having such an excellent, highly experienced and valuable international Faculty,
  • The precious value of your health and of all participants, with the high risk of infection exposure.
  • The high priority of Face-to-face experiences exchange as the core element of our live-surgery congress within familiar atmosphere and discussions during the operations and breaks, which will be prohibited in a hybrid or virtual meeting.
  • The current pandemic travel restrictions across the continents specially for our precious international colleagues from all over the world in this year 2021.
  • Our high motivation to hold an excellent version of our live-surgery congress , in the same time, we do not want to damage the name, and success of the SOAP-Meeting in order to hold a meeting under any circumstances.


We will cancel the SOAP-Meeting this year with our sadness but in the same time with our high motivation and full hope to have a double successful congress on the next February 17-19, 2022 , and that is why we made it as a GOLDEN SOAP-Meeting version. Let’s make it special!

The best is yet to come.

Stay safe and positive.

Prof. Dr. C. Can Cedidi
Congress President

Enjoy here some impressions from our Congress in 2020.