Dear Colleagues,

I thank you all for making our 2. SOAP-Meeting such a wonderful event with nearly 150 physicians from all over the world.

It was fantastic to have over 20 of the leading experts and surgeons from five continents with us, to report on standards, new trends and innovative surgical techniques in the field of plastic-aesthetic surgery and share their experiences.

My highlight of this year’s congress was the willingness with which the renowned and highly qualified plastic surgeons shared their knowledge and opened it for discussion. In particular, the ten live operations, which were shared with the auditorium using state-of-the-art technology, offered a unique opportunity to follow surgeries up close and in an intensity and sharpness that was almost impossible – the audience had the feeling to be directly live in the operation room.

I hope all of you built networks and took new impulses for the future work.

Let´s meet all togehter again next year to the 3. SOAP Meeting form February 27-29, 2020.

Sincerely yours

Prof. Dr. C. Can Cedidi
Congress President

Enjoy here some impressions from our Congress in 2019.